What Does Level 3 First Aid Cover?

First Aid

First aid refers to immediate help that is provided to an injured or sick person until professional medical experts arrive. Whether it’s pressuring or covering the wound, performing CPR, or administering minor burns, after proper training, first-aiders can handle and deal with almost any situation promptly. Being a broad category, first aid includes a range […]

DRSABCD in First Aid: The Essential Steps to Saving Lives

Introduction to DRSABCD in First Aid Learning basic first aid skills can help you greatly in saving someone’s life in a life-or-death situation. According to a survey held in 2021, in the UK more than 30% of adults in the UK did not know how to perform compressions or CPR and had never enrolled themselves […]

What Should be in a First Aid Kit at Work

First aid kit at work

Accidents and illnesses can happen to people while they are working. It makes no difference if the damage or the illness was brought on by the Work that they undertake. Patients must receive urgent medical assistance, and in more extreme cases, a call should be placed for an ambulance. First aid at Work (FAW) refers […]

What is the Most Important Consideration when Providing First Aid

Providing basic medical care to a person who has unexpectedly become ill or injured is known as first aid. First aid can also refer to the initial help provided to someone having a medical emergency. With the help of this support, they might be able to survive until help arrives. In other instances, first aid […]